Friday, July 4, 2008

Awesome America

I love America. This is the best place in the whole world!

I should have done a patriotic theme for FHE this past Monday. (see the internet safety blog for FHE explanation) But, I am a little behind in the planning, so it will have to be done on the coming Monday. :)

Here are several sites that might be of value to you if you want to do a lesson with your family or just find some fun and educational patriotic things for your kids to do today. -- Free quiz on the constitution, Free pocketbook constitution, Puzzles and more. -- "Uncle Sam" takes you on a tour, quizzes available, need to be able to read to do it. -- Info on the Declaration of Independence, the signers, other links --Scroll down to the history lessons and choose "American History before 1865 Unit Review". This lesson give a history overview, online flashcards for fun and a history timeline. -- Family lesson plan with various ideas to present a lesson to your family on the constitution. -- Gives lesson plans for elementary, middle school and high school age groups on different patriotic themes.

Be sure to have a yummy American dessert today too! How about the ever famous apple pie? Sugar cookie fruit pizza decorated like a flag with blueberries & strawberries? Share what you had or made by posting a comment.

Happy 4th!

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