Monday, July 14, 2008

Rain! Glorious rain!

We really enjoy rain. We don’t see a lot of it where we live so we like to take advantage of it. And, yes, we may be a little crazy, but we’re building memories.

Sometimes when the rain decides to pay us a visit, it lets loose with some gushers that are so incredible that the whole family can’t help but scurry outside to the porch and watch. We exchange exclamations:


“Man, it’s really coming down!”

“Look at that, did you see that?”

“See how fast it is pouring off the roof?”


If it is during the day and there are no flashes of lightning, inevitably someone will beg to go out and play in the rain. Sure, why not. It feels so nice when it has been 100+ degrees outside for so long.

Not too long ago, Princess and Peanut had to go out when it was hardly sprinkling since Princess had found a lonely umbrella in the house. They had fun taking turns running around the yard with the umbrella.

Once we were completely thrilled to see it hailing outside. This was an interesting occurrence. Kevin made mad dashes through the pounding little pellets to gather handfuls of the hail so that Princess could investigate them.

Have you ever played Ultimate Frisbee in the pouring rain? My kids and hubby have. On more than one occasion. When my kid’s team was scheduled to play another team, everyone involved decided that canceling the match was not an option. Despite the slipping, sliding, tripping and falling, there were many catches and scores and an unbelievable amount of fun! Everyone (perhaps not the spectators) agreed it was the most fun time they had ever had playing Ultimate. Clean up from that event was a bit of an effort, but mud and grime does wash off just fine. It was worth it for the amount of enjoyment that was had. (I have pictures of this somewhere. I just can't seem to locate them right now.)

Probably one of the craziest things the kids and Kevin ever did was while we were up in the mountains on vacation. The weather was gorgeous with plenty of sunshine and several rainshowers.

One day while I stayed at the cabin with the two little ones, Kevin took the other five to the park. They had purposefully donned their grubbiest clothes. The day before when we were all at the park, Patchy had inadvertently discovered how much fun it was to make a diving catch in the muddy puddles that had accumulated on the playing field. Since he did it once and got completely messy, he did it several more times. Everyone else thought it looked like a blast, so the determined that they would have to also try it out. Thus the scheduled trip to the park in grubby clothes.

Stupidly, we did not have a camera covering the event. Kevin remembered to take pictures after they had rinsed off. When they came back to the cabin, I had to chuckle at the looks of them. I wondered what they had looked like before the rinsing because they still looked pretty bad.

Nanner looked like she had been in a fight. She sported two black eyes because she hadn’t worn waterproof mascara.

The boys were all drenched and muddy with bits of grass stuck to them.

Remember, those pictures are after a rinsing!

Over dinner we were regaled with stories of awesome catches, super slides, bumps and bangs and crazy happenings. We all laughed and giggled a bunches!

So, yeah…rain. What a great invention! Gotta love it!

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