Monday, July 14, 2008


Sometimes God knows exactly what we need. Okay forget the sometimes on that statement. I guess it would be more proper to say that God always knows exactly what we need. Sometimes we agree with Him.

We were given the opportunity to get out of the summer heat and go spend a week up in the cool mountains in a beautiful cabin. We were surrounded by trees, greenery, wild flowers, great views of mountains and a partly cloudy sky.

The trip was refreshing and rejuvenating. How wonderful to have the opportunity to be outside and breathe the energizing mountain air. We took lots of walks and were outside a bunch.

We went to some parks.

Chubby got to play with some bigger kid toys. Obviously this made him very happy.

We played fun games like Uno...

And Go Fish! (I realize the picture is a little blurry, but look at how she is sitting--crazy, huh?)

The kids spent time playing video games and watching movies too. (Too much time according to worrywart mother.) Kevin and I got to spend some time refueling dreams and setting some new goals.

On a nature walk, we learned about Alligator and Utah Juniper trees. One tree has a bumpy, scaly type of bark. The other tree's bark has a shredded look to it. I'll let you guess which one is which. We also learned that if you scratch and sniff a Ponderosa Pine tree, you get a nice whiff of butterscotch. It is pretty cool, you’ll have to try it sometime. Here's three of the kids peeking out between two Ponderosas.

I am writing this on the way home while I still feel the euphoria. Once I get home, I am sure real life will rush up and smack me in the face! Hopefully I refueled enough to get a lot of “mileage” out of our rejuvenating trip.

(P.S. Now that I am home...Sigh! Reality was ready and waiting for me as soon as I got home. I am glad I have some pictures to serve up as fond remembrances as I try to relax and enjoy life even though life is usually hectic, busy, etc.)

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Mom of 5 Boys said...

That looks beautiful! Looks a lot like those cabins we stayed in for the big family reunion. Lovely!