Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No, I did not leave the planet!

We just took a little trip and I'll tell you more about that fun venture and other things soon. Right now, I just thought I would share something fun that occurred while we were away. Youpublish revamped their site put us on their home page! We actually appear three different times via links from the home page. Can you find them all? Click here to see. You will receive bonus brownie points for finding all three places. :)

What's youpublish? Going to the website is the best way to find out about them, but basically it is a site for publishing anything and everything digitally to sell or give away to others. Click here to see all our stuff.


Mom of 5 Boys said...

I can only find you once! It's one of the stories in the right column (although I had to cycle through to find you). Has it been updated since you last looked? Or am I just blind?

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Warning--I am giving answers here. The other two times it is just our family circle picture, no story. We are in the most viewed and also most publications sections.

Thanks for checking! :)

FYI, I had a couple of people email me to let me know "Wow!" and "This is sooo cool!" I love to hear that, but I do love it when people leave comments on the blog too!