Saturday, August 2, 2008

Once Upon a Time....Boowha ha ha ha

Scary things have happened to me.

Once, when I was a kid, we lived on a large plot of land with a mountain for a backyard. The detached garage was down the hill and several steps from the house. I boldly set out on foot to complete my journey, but on the way from the garage to the house, my mind started “seeing” things. I told myself to calm down. I was being silly. Hah! Like that would work! My eyes darted hither and thither trying to make sure I saw the big, hairy beast beast that walked on two legs before it came after me. It was ten feet tall. It had menacing eyes and fangs for teeth. The more I thought about it, the quicker my pace. By the time I was within two cars-lengths of the back door, I was sprinting. I grabbed the door handle, shot in and allowed the door to slam behind me. Whew! Safe! [The funny thing is that now that I look back on it, I still remember the picture I conjured up, but the beast actually resembles a “Bumble”. You’ll get that if you are up on your Christmas specials that they play every year!]

Then there was the time when I was an adult, not too long ago. It was waiting for the right moment to attack. It found that moment as I nonchalantly opened the cupboard door underneath my bathroom sink. I open this door on a regular basis, almost daily in fact, to throw away garbage. I have never had any apprehensions about this action. But on this day, my carefree ways proved to be my downfall. At the exact second the door swung noiselessly open, it catapulted out directly at me. In shock, with heart pounding, I leapt backward. A panicked gasp caught in my throat.

I didn’t run away.

I looked down and saw its long slender body splayed across the tile, motionless. Fear left me and amazement set in. I grabbed onto it and began to pull. I pulled and pulled and pulled some more until, with a good yank, it split in two. It was probably 20 feet long! I couldn’t believe it. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take pictures and simply disposed of the now dead and very scary…weed. Yup, it had actually grown into my house and came out by the fixtures under the sink. It must have spread out rapidly as soon as it found freedom from confinement in the walls.

What about the time when something scary didn’t happen to me? One morning I heard a loud gasp from the bathroom shortly after Kevin went to take a shower. When I inquired about it afterwards, Kevin told me this, “I cleaned out all the toys from the tub, turned on the water, and pulled the shower curtain closed. Then I went to get in--knowing I had gotten all the toys out--and THIS (he pulls out an ugly plastic spider) was in the tub!”

I later related this story to the kids at lunchtime because I got a kick out of it. I told the kids it was kind of funny because the spider was kind of stuck in the folds of the shower curtain and must have just fallen out when Dad pulled on the curtain.

Bubba (8 at the time) pipes up at this point and says with a grin, “Yeah, I put it there.”

Not having thought previously that Dad was the victim of a prank, I was surprised and asked, “You did that on purpose?”

Bubba responded, “No.”

I said, “You didn’t mean to put it into the shower curtain?”

Bubba gleefully chortled, “Yes, I did, but it wasn’t on purpose to get Dad. I was planning to get you, Mom!”

Why am I relating all these things on my blog? I have no idea. I just remembered them and it made me laugh. I hope you will too (have a laugh, that is).

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