Saturday, July 26, 2008

Uninspired Blog that turned into a Golf Blog

I am completely uninspired about an exciting topic to blog about. Nevertheless, I wanted to let interested parties know that we now have a music blog and a golf blog. As you may have guessed, I am in charge of the music blog while Kevin is making his blogging debut in the golf department.

The music blog will updates! (Surprise!) It will include stories about my music, what I am working on, links, finding my music on the web and any music related topic that I care to blog about.

Kevin will blog about the equally surprising topic! He'll probably give tips, have links to resources, share his excitement about things his students are doing, relate golf humor, bond with fellow golf buddies by telling about the latest 18 holes he played, etc. I am just making that all up. I don't know his exact intent.

I added the last thing on the list in the hopes that him blogging keeps me from hearing the "play by play" on every hole 4 times as he tells his sons at home and laments his woes on the phone to friends about the putt that lipped out and all the "I should have shot a (fill-in-the-blank)".

People ask me all the time if I enjoy golf. I don't have anything against it. I rarely ever play. When I do play, I find it enjoyable for several holes. Eighteen is too many. I may feel this way partly because the only one I ever play with beats me soundly due to the fact that I take 10 strokes to his one. This can get disheartening for a competitive person. (Bring on the Boggle or the tickle war and I will win every time.)

I actually quite enjoy hearing the tales he tells of various creature's antics on the course, however. I think that is the best part about golf--enjoying all of nature. If anyone asks, I am sure he would be pleased to expound on golf course critters.

He has battled large snakes with only a rake, a garbage can, and one other frightened employee at hand. A squirrel's antics caused him to delay his game for quite some time once. Wild horses were a delight to hear about. I believe he has come across deer, moose and elk a time or two. The gila monster story was good. Lizards, very large spiders, rabbits and even a coyote have appeared in his stories.

Then there are the times when I get to hear about the people he has met on the golf course. The best one must be the Koreans that thought Kevin was Korean. He is continually meeting people at the golf course that knows someone he knows or that he is distantly related to.

Occasionally after Kevin has returned from the course, a humorous event or crazy adventure captures my attention as well. For instance, one of my children was catapulted from the golf cart. Another time, Sticky was glad his Dad didn't do well on the final hole, thus exempting him from having to buy the guys a round of beer at the "19th" hole. (Although I didn't distinguish, I hope it is fairly evident to see which one I found to be funny and which one was crazy.)

I really like that Kevin and his sons enjoy playing this game together. They've built many a memory on the golf course. So, all in all, If I am being honest, I would have to say that there are a lot of things I like about golf. Who woulda thought? ;)

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