Saturday, September 6, 2008

Snowballs in Summer?

Mormor thinks my kids are deprived. Well, maybe not really, but she had a little fun. When we arrived at her house, she had a gallon size bag full of snowballs saved from their last winter storm.

Some of my kids don't even remember ever seeing actual snow, so this was kinda fun. The only trouble was that the snowballs were no longer light and fluffy. They were hard, compact, ice bombs! After instructing the kids not to throw them at each other or the house, they set about trying to destroy the snowballs.

The preferred method of destruction was to slam them into the asphalt in the hopes that the ball would shatter into smithereens. (You can see white specks on the pavement in the following photo that prove they succeeded.)

The six year old loved the balls, but didn't have enough strength to make them explode on impact. The sixteen year old "took pity on her" and finished hers off.

We put the few remaining snowballs into the cooler on the way home to help regulate the temperature. Unfortunately, they melted and leaked out a hole in the bag and ruined our favorite travel treat! Rats! Oh well, it was still fun and educational. :)

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Patrik said...

Mormor is so silly!