Saturday, January 31, 2009

New! Mission Accomplished Carnival Brought to You by Makiavelli

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What is the Mission Accomplished Carnival all about?

The simple version:

A. Write a goal post {No, I am not talking football} about a goal you accomplished, have set, or a post about goal advice you can give or want to get.
B. Add your information to “Mr. Linky”
C. Leave a comment
D. Visit other’s posts
E. Come back next month for more :)

The detailed version:

The idea of this carnival is to give you a little extra motivation to get a goal accomplished. You see, if you tell someone else you are going to do something, you are more likely to actually do it than if you just simply think to yourself about doing it. ;)

Another reason for this carnival is to be inspired by others. This can be done through seeing what other people are setting as goals and how they plan to accomplish it. It can also be done by encouraging one another in their goal setting and by sharing good goal setting/accomplishing ideas. This may give all of us better insight as to how to accomplish something we really want to accomplish.

HERE'S THE SCOOP! You can do one of four things to participate in this carnival. You can start a goal or finish a goal! You can get or give help. In other words:

1. Set a goal at the beginning of the month. Write up a post about your plan. Link up and share your post about the goal you plan to do with others here!
2. If you accomplish your goal by month’s end, report back here to link up with your post telling us about your accomplishment!
3. Write a post asking for tips on accomplishing a certain goal. People can leave a comment for you if they have a good idea.
4. If you have some good goal accomplishing ideas/advice, write about that. Link up here and share your thoughts with others.

Linking back to this carnival in your post is not mandatory, but it would be nice. That way if someone clicks away from here to view your site, they can easily get back to find everyone else’s links.

Grabbing the code for my CompleteLee button and placing it on your blog would be great, but also not mandatory.

Goal ideas include:

~~Getting around to making that craft you have been wanting to do forever.
~~Perhaps you can let us know how you are finishing your book. (I’ll finish these chapters by this date, I’ll get the book to my editor by this date, I’ll design the cover by this date.)
~~Learning to bake bread
~~Potty training the toddler
~~Painting the kitchen (First I’ll go to the paint store and get color swatches, then I’ll get a friend to hold them up while I choose the best shade. Next, I will pick up supplies by this date. And, finally, this is the date on which I plan to tape and the next day I will do the actual painting.)
~~For my business, I will make 30 contacts this month
~~This year I am saving money towards _______. (Then you can update us to let us know what and how you are doing each month)

Give and get ideas include:

~~Ask questions
*How do I focus myself to achieve my bigger goals?
*Has anyone ever…?
*What is the first step?
*How do I fine tune my goals?
*What about visualizing? Does it work?
~~Tell success stories
~~Share a great inspirational quote or book that helped you
~~Let us know a strategy that has worked for you
~~If you find a great free website that helps, share that
~~Provide a worksheet or chart that you have used before
~~Show how you got your children setting goals

If you have no blog, but would like to participate, feel free to leave a comment with your questions, accomplishments, advice, etc. If you don’t know how, or don’t want to leave a comment, you are certainly welcome to email me at Email submissions will be posted at the next carnival by me.

This carnival will occur once a month on the last day of the month. If you don’t have something to share this time, post something before the next carnival comes around.

Click on the title of your Mission Accomplished post and use the URL from just that post, not the home page of your blog. That way your post can easily be found by carnival readers.

Click here for the recent Mission Accomplished Carnival postings.

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