Saturday, January 31, 2009

Makiavelli's Mission Accomplished: Food, Glorious Food!

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My Fave: This month, I don't have a favorite one of yours to share. That is simply because this is the first Mission Accomplished Carnival!

My Focus: I find that I eat better when I have healthy food readily available in the house. (duh) I really hate to spend money, especially on things I deem too expensive. In fact, I have set limits in my mind of what is acceptable to spend on many items like meat, cheese, vegetables, ice cream, etc. If I go to the grocery store and the item is over my acceptable limit, I generally will not buy it. This can be very good for the pocketbook, but it can be bad when I go looking for fresh fruits and veggies.

Fruits and veggies are really hard to stock up on because they don't keep fresh for as long as canned goods, or meat which can be easily frozen. I know that my favorite farmer's market has incredibly good deals on produce which leads me to set my acceptable limits for prices rather low. Then if I go to the grocery store and see prices 2 to5 times higher than what I know I will pay at the farmer's market, it "hurts" to buy it! So, I wind up making our produce supply not very varied because I wind up buying only those items that are the lowest priced per pound.

Why don't I just go to the farmer's market and buy oodles of berries, melons, apples, asparagus, beans, cauliflower...? Convenience! It isn't as close!

This month, I didn't feel like tackling anything extremely major. So, my goal for this month is to visit the farmer's market at least 4 times. In addition to that, I plan to wash and cut up as much of the produce I bring home within 24 hours so that it is handy for my family and I to eat. And, finally, I plan to have a main focus on extra veggie side dishes for dinner.
My Friends: Okay, let's have yours! What did you post about? Are you taking a few baby steps? Do you have something grand planned that you want to get done? Have you got a good tip pr quote? Share, share!
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