Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Reunion Song by Marika Lee

Do you have a family reunion planned for this summer? A few years ago before we headed off to our family reunion, I came up with a song that was all about our family. We taught the chorus to all our aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents and asked them to join in after we sang each verse. We had a bunch of fun with it! Now it is your turn!

Simply replace our family name with yours and sing away to your heart's content! Feel free to change a word or two if it suits you better.

Here is a sample of what the song sounds like. Unfortunately, it isn’t done in a studio, it is just a computerized audio recording. It is the music only, no lyrics. Please, don't expect a spectacular studio produced sound, okay? :) Feel free to listen with this in mind!

Please adhere to copyright restrictions. I don't mind if you print off enough for your family to use, but if you have friends, family, coworkers and others that would like a copy of this music, send them a link to this page or to where they can download their own.

Click here to purchase the sheet music for only $1.00! {Yes, you can actually purchase it from the same site that you listened to it on, however, that site takes a much larger commision chunk, so I would prefer you purchase it from here or send me an email telling me you want to send me the money directly or pay me with paypal and I will just email the song to you as an attachment. Thanks!}


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