Friday, November 13, 2009

I Beat Someone Famous! ~~Ms. Cellaneous

Back in May of 2008, I published some silly pictures on just for fun...

A few days ago, someone famous was eating raisin bran and was impressed with the size of one of the flakes. He decided to blog about it. He also surfed the web to see if there was any sort of world record for the size of a bran flake. In his searching, he found my picture of the World's Largest Bran Flake and included my link in his blog post.

This resulted in thousands of people going over to view my World's Largest Bran Flake picture. It is now the most viewed publication on that site. It also comes up as number one in google search rankings.

Pretty funny, huh?

Who is the famous person? His name is Jorge Garcia. Do you know (without looking him up on the web) what he is famous for? I had no idea until my Dad informed me last night via email.

{I could include a picture of the now famous flake here, but I am not going to. !cheesy grin! This way, you get to click on the link to see it and I get even more views. You'll be so impressed, you will want to let all your friends know about it too. heh, heh, heh.}


Laurie said...

Very cool!

I don't watch much TV, so I didn't know who he was. :S But I looked it up! Very cool! :)

Lindsay said...

Steve and I don't watch much tv except fot Suns games and LOST. So cool!