Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Need Thee Every Hour: A New Hymn Arrangement by Marika Lee

In an effort to condense things I am doing into smaller chunks, I am no longer going to post to my music blog. So, if you have been checking that, it will now direct you here instead.

I enjoy writing and arranging songs. To me it is relaxing and uplifting. This hymn arrangement is my first venture back into writing since being pleasantly sidetracked by the birth of my youngest son. Feels good. Hope you or someone you know might enjoy this.

In the middle of singing the congregational hymn, "I Need Thee Every Hour", ideas started coming to mind as I felt the powerful message of the lyrics. The next day I started playing around with the ideas, not sure what was going to come of them. As it turned out, four different arrangements were born of those initial ideas. It took a few weeks to finish as I went about studying the song and the lyrics, hearing from my missionary son that it was one of his favorites, contemplating the meaning of these words in my own life, etc. I came to realize the message is oh so true. I need my Savior every hour.

To view the sheet music or listen to computerized audio recordings of any of the arrangements, go to THIS PAGE on our home website.  (UPDATE:  We have moved our home website to  Click on the Music link to find all Marika Lee arrangements and originals.)