Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Cooler~~A Mama Rika Story

We got home from the park the other day and Chubby was mad. (Sometimes we get home and he just doesn’t want to be home, he wants to go more places.) In an effort to coax him from the car, Sticky offered a piggy back ride. “I don’t want a piggy back ride!” Chubby grumped. Sticky then offered him a choice of exciting rides, all of which were nixed. Exasperated, Sticky said, “Fine. I’ll just put you in the cooler and carry you in.” This was met with enthusiasm, although that was not really Sticky's intent. I was in the garage putting in a load of laundry when Sticky opens the door, carrying a cooler. It looked like this. Oddly, the lid began opening.Revealing this!Whatever works, right?