Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pasta Primavera with Lame Pictures~~Chef Maki

Are you ever so busy that you just feel like you are just running, running, running from one thing to the next? Last week was like that all week. However, dinner still must be fixed. In between dropping off and picking up kids, I got as much dinner prep done as possible.

I minced garlic in some melted butter and then turned off the stove. And, yes, the pictures really are no good. Lots of bloggers have beautiful pictures that make their food look like a complete work of art. Beauty is good, but this is what you get when I am in a hurry. Thankfully I have my phone in my pocket most of the time, so I can do quick pictures, but not fancy pictures.

In this bowl are cut up veggies. The mushrooms on the bottom are cut in larger chunks since they cook quickly. The zucchini is under there somewhere and it is fairly thickly sliced since soggy zucchini is icky. The rest of the assorted veggies that I found in the fridge are sliced in rather thin slices since they will cook more slowly.
Ooh! look what I found also in the fridge!
These will be yummy chopped up and sprinkled over the top of the finished product.
In the blender, I made ready a can of tomatoes (heaven forbid one should find a chunk of cooked tomato in one's food [yes, I am mimicking my children]) and add to that a spoonful of chicken bouillion powder, the juice of one lemon and 3/4 of a fresh tomato that was lonely on the shelf. This is to be blended up. After it has been blended, you can see the dill waiting to be added. I don't add the dill before because the blender will chop it into unrecognizable bits and turn the pretty red sauce more of a putrid greenish color. I will add about a spoonful.

So, next I actually also had a lame picture of my large pot of water ready for peanut to turn on while I pick up Sticky. Beside the pot was two packages of angel hair pasta. Not sure what became of the picture.

As soon as I got home, the water was about ready to boil, so I turned on the frying pan and sauted those veggies in the garlic butter and then poured the sauce over it. Umm what else? Oh, yes, of course, while the veggies were sizzling, I cooked the pasta for four minutes.

What you see below is the end result of the meal.

What? You don't see anything?

Right. Well, It was so yummy that I didn't take pictures as we sat down to eat but I thought--oh, well, I will just take a picture of the leftovers. I left the table half way through the meal to go nurse the baby. Upon my return, I see hubby polishing off the last red pepper. oops.

Inwardly I lamented the fact that I wouldn't have a final finished product picture to show you, but outwardly I sincerely said, "Oh! It is all gone! I am so excited to have a wonderful vegetable eating family!"

Seriously. It is good. :)

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Grammy Staffy said...

Well it sounds delicious even if we didn't get to see the final product. I will try this when I get out of the hospital and on my feet again.
Thank you for your encouraging comment. I appreciate all the support I am getting.
Have a great week.