Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mama Rika Updates

Welcome to my Readers...those who are just joining me and those that have been with me for a long while.  Just in case you can't figure out who is writing all these posts, let me explain...I write them all, I just give myself several different names, depending upon what I am posting about.  Mama Rika writes all about her kids and is likely the most frequent contributor.  To "meet" my other "me's", click on the tabs for each personality just below the family circle picture on the blog.

It has been a long and interesting couple of years.  To catalog a few family happenings...

The kids~~~We currently have two sons out serving missions.  One just left for West Virginia, one will return in three months from Peru.  Our oldest daughter has gone to school in Idaho, moved to Arizona, moved to Colorado, and is now back home but may be leaving again soon.  The next in line is getting dual credits at the local community college as he finishes up high school.  Along with his recent acquisition of a driver's license, he will be entering the work force officially in a couple of weeks.  Child number five just embarked upon his high school adventure and earns the privilege of being able to claim "tallest freshman" of the family thus far.  Daughter number two is taking various fun classes like choir, girl's club and cooking with other homeschooling friends.  The three year old continues to impress and delight us with his smarts and humorous sayings.  The baby is a happy, running, mimicking 15 month old.  

Other stuff~~~Today we began moving boxes to our new residence across town, having come to the end of our year and a half stay in this house.  

Dad and Mom~~~Dad is still working at the same location, but added an additional job a few days a week.  Time together with family is rare but precious.  He loves hearing joyous shouts of "Dad!" when he walks in the door.  (Well, at least from the three youngest when they are awake.)  He's keeping options open.  Mom is still doing all the usual stuff, but has delved further into more frugal shopping (yes, there was more to learn), worked on just a few new songs and arrangements, and recently became a publisher at  Mom also thinks she has spent about one month of her time in the last 18 months either at the DMV, urgent care, the hospital, or doctor's office.  :(

Reason for this post~~~The reason for this post is to tell you what to expect here on CompleteLee Blog from here on out.  Originally, there were a lot of things I didn't put on this blog.  When missionary number one left, I created a blog for him (  Several months ago, I decided I needed to start condensing things and I "shut down" my music blog with plans to just post everything on one blog, this one. Now that I have two missionaries out and more to come in the future, I believe I shall not keep creating new blogs every time, but instead I will post missionary updates here from Mama Rika.  I will also start trying to do better with posting music updates and other fun things--ie homeschool, cooking, kid stuff, frugal living, parenting, etc.  Please feel free to read what interests  you and disregard the rest.  My feelings will not be hurt if you don't read every word I write.  LOL :)  My goal at the forefront currently is to get settled in to our new place, so things may be a little hit or miss for a bit.  My plan--and perhaps it will work exactly as planned--is to return to the blog world for "real" by the time the new year rolls around.

Just for fun~~~If you could see his face, the Little Bug is grinning from ear to ear as Sticky hoists him to the ceiling again, and again, and again.  Isn't it awesome to have big brothers?

Next up?  First update from missionary #2.  Stay tuned.  

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