Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mama Rika's Christmas Pics and Missionary Flood and Giggles

We got to speak to both missionaries on Christmas day, one via Skype and the other via phone.  The one in Peru was the one allowed to Skype.  His picture was fuzzy and his voice kept cutting out, but it was still awesome to see and hear him.  There was also a rather abrupt ending to his call, slightly short of his allotted time.  The one in the States was able to visit with us for quite a while longer.  We even opened some presents as we chatted with him.  The boys sister Nan (nannying out of state) also was able to Skype us at the same time, so we sort of had the gang all together at once.  All in all, it was a great day, a great family time.

Our tree and Decorators.

A little holiday fun a friend brought to do with us.

Painting the roses red...or something like that.

Nothing like morning hugs!

Missionary #1

Lol, Well you´ll be able to see me loud and clear here in like 3 weeks. Haha, that sounds so trunky, but I promise that I´m still working really hard. I can´t afford to get trunky anyways...we should have (cross my fingers!) 5 baptisms this week. Yes thats right 5 baptisms this week. We had all of them at church this week and 3 of the 5 are really pumped for their baptism and 1 is like starting to feel the spirit and recognize it. The other lady, ...well we are pulling for a miracle. She is really cool, and came to church this week but she is Evangelist and just gets all stubborn with us when comes to trying to prayer in the right way. Her husband is really excited to get baptized so we are gonna help him understand the commandments this week and we´ll be good to go.

R, (the guy who is trying to give up 50 years of smoking and drinking) has quit smoking for the last two days and he didnt drink during Christmas time, whihc is amazing because usually a lot of people here just drink all day the 24th and 25th. So he is on track. What we did to make sure he didnt even have the temptation to go out and drink was send him off with the Patriarch and his family. He loved it and on top of that he went to church by himself.

Y and E are doing awesome as well. Y got an answer that very first night that we visited her and knows that is true. E is coming around slowly but surely. He always says that its interesting and we know that he feels the spirit but he wont like say that he is. He has committed to baptism this week but we are just waiting for him to have that "aha" moment and everything just comes together.

Tuesday we had our Christmas Devotional as missionaries in Tacna, (remember how I was telling about the dancing donkey?) and so it was really fun to go see and bunch of the other missionaires and see how they are doing. It was reallly fun to see E. Muñoz who I trained, he is now in as a District Leader. Lol he got a surprise call from the Presidente to tell him that. So that was a fun day.

Oh yeah on Thursday I had to do an interview by telephone...that was a very interesting experience. What happened was that E. Gamarra and E. Ricra had a husband and wife that were gonna get baptized. But when got there the husband, who is a police man, got emergency call in to work. I guess they needed some extra reinforcements for something. So E. Webb interviewed the wife and I called Pte Fernandez to see what to do. After explaining the situation, he told me to just interview the guy over the cellphone. So I did so and passed him. Really interesting to do that. The next day we stopped by their chapel to give them some baptismal clothes and after we got there and walked in with them we saw a bunch of water in the hallway...wha?

Turns out that somebody left the huge tank of water upstairs open and so when the elders turned the water on to fill the font the water just started running out of tank, overflowed the basin and ruined the roof. So Luzgardo (a member of their ward) and I rolled up our sleeves and took off our shoes and socks and started draining out the water from the roof while the rest of the gang shoved the water out the door. Craziness

So thats how it went down this week,

Love you all, it was great seeing ya ;)

Elder Patrik Connole

Missionary #2

{I sent the boys this picture of their Uncle's "Christmas tree".}

Lol that tree is awesome!  This may be a short email due to shoulder problems, just fyi. I'm trying to stay off of it, and one handed typipng is no fun.
This week was by far the craziest week I've had since i got here. Monday night was ridiculous going to the ER. it took an hour and a half for the drugs to wear off during that time i was talking and said things to the doctors and xray tech like:
SECURITY GUARD "how ya doing buddy?"
ME " great! they got me on morphine but i can still feel my shoulder"
SECURITY GUARD " oh no you can't"
(later, talking to the same security guard)
ME "you need to go through the temple so i can see you in the celestial kingdom"
BRO FROST "why don't we play the quiet game now"
ME (in a loud stage whisper) " oh... sorry. how's this!"
ME " you need to get baptized"
DOC "i've been baptized"
ME "nope, you need to try again"
ME "Merry Christmas! and make sure you tell your family"
DOC "i'll tell them"
ME "you won't forget?"
DOC " I won''t forget"
ME "oh you'll forget"
DOC " i'll be sure to tell them"
ME "really? no... you'll forget"
DOC "i wont forget"
ME "yea you will"
(this continued for a while before the doctor left. Do you thInk he forgot?)
ME "I know i said i didn't like hospitals before, but man i sure like them now! I don't know what i was thinking!"
ME "I know i'm on drugs right now so you probably think i'm just crazy... don't laugh drugs are a serious thing. hahahahahaha"
E. AMES " time to wake up now"
ME "I'm trying to, but whenever i open my eyes everything is all swirly"
ME "have i been talking about unicorns this whole time?"
E.AMES "not too much."
ME "good, cuz that would just be weird."
ME " I've been talking a lot now, why don't you just talk for a while and i'll just listen.... i don't hear anything, start talking."
E. AMES " I hope you never take up drinking because you are just bizzare right now."
ME. "i couldn't, beer smells funny, and smoking makes me cough, and i don't even eat chocolate... but that has nothing to do with the word of wisdom, so why am i even bringing it up?"
i don't remember hardly any of this, this is just what E.Ames and Bro Frost (a member out here who drove me to the ER) told me i said. we didn't get back till about 2am. needless to say, we didn't get much done for the next few days.
We were still able to teach some lessons later on in the week, but the holidays also threw off our schedules. adjusting back to our regular missionary schedule has been hard, but we're getting back into the  swing of things. It'll be a great week this week. I'm excited for the new year coming up.
{Lamenting the fact that there is too much fast food eating going on and too much junk food treats available to the missionaries}  as far as good healthy snacks, granola would be great, cougar crunch and dried fruit would work too. :) idunno, surprise me.

 Disclaimer.. Please feel free to read what interests  you on the blog and disregard the rest.  My feelings will not be hurt if you don't read every word I write.  LOL :)  My goal at the forefront currently IS STILL... to get settled in to our new place, so things may be a little hit or miss for a bit.  My plan--and perhaps it will work exactly as planned--is to return to the blog world for "real" by the time the new year rolls around. 

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