Friday, January 27, 2012

Ms. Wise Presents...Toddler Time & a Note on Thankfulness

Sometimes keeping one step ahead of the little people takes care of most of the "battle"!  Love Bug and the Witty One are out on the deck right now and have been for about a half an hour fully engaged in this activity.   This is so easy for mom to get ready.  All you need is a couple of paint brush and two plastic containers with water.  Of course, you need decent weather and a deck or a sidewalk as well if they are going to do this outside.  I recommend outside.  LOL   

 In the picture above, the boys show off their paint brushes.  (Don't look at the mismatched clothing and no making fun of my phone camera pics!  My point with most of my blogs is to share ideas, not beautiful photography!  I gotta be fast and efficient around here.  heh heh heh)  :)
 Here, Love Bug shows off his painting abilities.
 My Witty One is a bit more methodical in his artistry.

It is humorous to note that the boys run all the way across the deck to dip their brushes in the water.  Then, the pitter-patter back to their favorite spot for drawing on the other side of the deck.  I don't bother to move the containers closer to the favored spot because A, it keeps them busy and active longer and B, I like to see their cute little wet footprints spread out across the length of the deck.

Side note from Mama Rika...Yes!  I got my missionary #1 home all in one piece.  Well, mostly anyway.  We have a doctor's appointment next week to see what we can do to get him completely well and whole before he leaves back to college in three months.   It has been great to have him here.  So much fun to watch all the things he is re-learning and listening to him be so grateful for things I have been taking for granted.  Isn't it awesome to not have to where flip-flops around the house and in the shower?  Cold cereal?!  Sweet!  Wow!  This house is huge compared to most Peruvian homes!  This is so cool to be able to grab whatever I want to eat from the fridge.  And on and on...Are you feeling grateful today?  I am.

Okay, so the little boys are done painting now.  Pretty cool, though, it kept them happily occupied for nearly an hour!

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