Monday, February 13, 2012

Scripture Funny, and Hairdo Update!

Scripture Funny:  We were reading in Matthew chapter 4 for scripture study.  It talks about Jesus coming upon some fishermen who were fixing their nets.  I asked the Witty One, "When they get done fixing their nets, what are they going to do with the nets?"

He responded, "Ummm...Play soccer?  Or maybe make a tent."

Hairdo Tips...
Here are some tips from Love Bug on hairstyling…If you would like to have that perfect hairdo, but just can’t find quite the right gel, simply mix up a batch of guacamole.  Dip fingers, or even your whole hand into it once you are done dipping your quesadillas into it.  Apply liberally to your hair in strategic locations about your entire scalp.  Rub it in, back and forth.  Pull sections of hair in an upwards direction.  Finally, tousle your locks with a wet washrag to remove some of the green residue.  Voila!  The perfect hold is achieved!  

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