Monday, February 13, 2012

Mama Rika Missionary, Scripture Funny, and Hairdo Update!

Missionary:  District after zone conference
Scripture Funny:  We were reading in Matthew chapter 4 for scripture study.  It talks about Jesus coming upon some fishermen who were fixing their nets.  I asked the Witty One, "When they get done fixing their nets, what are they going to do with the nets?"

He responded, "Ummm...Play soccer?  Or maybe make a tent."

Hairdo Tips...
Here are some tips from Love Bug on hairstyling…If you would like to have that perfect hairdo, but just can’t find quite the right gel, simply mix up a batch of guacamole.  Dip fingers, or even your whole hand into it once you are done dipping your quesadillas into it.  Apply liberally to your hair in strategic locations about your entire scalp.  Rub it in, back and forth.  Pull sections of hair in an upwards direction.  Finally, tousle your locks with a wet washrag to remove some of the green residue.  Voila!  The perfect hold is achieved!  

Missionary weekly letter

Saw a couple people that night, some good lessons. I guess the highlight of the day would be when we were filling up the van with gas. While we did, this guy just started up a conversation with us. He asked about our name tags, and it started into a conversation about church. He said we could come teach him sometime soon, and he gave us his number. Nice guy, we're looking forward to meeting with him. I wish finding investigators was always that easy.
Helped the neighbor of a member move, but other than that, the day was pretty slow.
We went to go see a recent convert. He was planning on coming out with us to a couple appointments, but before we left we made him a sticky-note missionary name tag which he proudly wore to our first appointment. He's a funny guy. We also met with an investigator who is a hardcore drinker he really wants to change his life around and start coming to our church.   He committed to only drink 9 cans of beer on saturday before we meet him again, rather than his usual 18-25. This would be leaps and bounds better than what he has been doing.
We had an appointment reschedule for later that night, and for backup, we had planned to find a couple of former investigators. We got to the former's front door, but for some reason neither one of us could remember her name. Slightly embarassed, but grateful that we hadn't knocked yet, we headed back to the car. On our way we struck up a conversation with one of her neighbors and set up an appointment with him for next week. Then, when we found the former investigator's  name and went back to he front door. After we knocked a few times, and we were about to leave, she pulled up in her car, and we set up an appointment with her as well.

It was awesome! If we hadn't forgotten her name, we would've missed the opportunity to talk to her neighbor. And if we hadn't talked to her neighbor we would have missed her by a few minutes. Things just worked out. :) The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways.
We had zone conference, but during the middle of it, my comp started getting a migrane. A really bad migrane. We got him some sort of medicine, and had him lay down on the couch in the lobby. President Pitt said he'd keep an eye on him while I stayed in the conference. Apparently the migrane got so bad that it started really shutting down his body. He got up to get to the bathroom but could barely make it down the hall without almost collapsing.
President Pitt came into the meeting, and asked if I could come help give a blessing. President annointed, and I sealed the annointing. I started to speak, and words really started flowing from my mouth, and just as suddenly as they started flowing, the words stopped. After a quiet pause, I closed the blessing, and my comp immediately stood up and gave me and President Pitt a big hug. He rested on the couch, and skipped out on lunch, but joined us for the rest of the conference, and we proselyted as normal that night.
We saw a new investigator that night, but she wasn't very open to our message. She was way nice, and invited us in immediately, but her heart just wasn't open then. We each bore a powerful testimony of Christ and of the Book of Mormon, after which she just said how much she enjoyed our conviction and faith. I'm pretty sure that enjoyment wasn't the point.
We saw D again he had started reading from the Book of Mormon, and had only drunk three beers that day which was incredible progress for him. Unfortunately he wasn't able to make it to church because he was sick. But he was showing some progression.
We had a random investigator at church today! We had been looking through former investigators earlier that week and happen to find one that had come to chruch several times and had a boyfriend who was a less active member, and just looked incredibly prepared to be baptized. We called her member boyfriend, and apparently he invited her out to church, and they both showed up. Sweet! She's planning on attending next week as well, and knows several people in the ward.
love ya'll!
Elder Brayden Connole

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