Monday, February 20, 2012

Mama Rika Fun Pics and Sick Missionary Update

Some of our most fun pictures of little ones are the sleeping pictures.  One night Kevin checked up on the two little boys before he went to bed himself.  He was amused to see each little boy sound asleep in their own beds, but sleeping in precisely the same position!

Love Bug

The Witty One
Here's one from a different night.  Sometimes it takes too much effort to finish a book.
Missionary # 1's first time to meet his youngest brother!

Didn't take this little guy long to get reacquainted with his big bro!
Riding the shuttle back to the parking lot.  Apparently we didn't take a ton of pictures at the airport.  At least we got  video, though.  :)

Pulling in to the nearly empty parking lot, I couldn't resist parking my  giant vehicle next to the smart car.  When Kevin arrived a while later, he couldn't resist snapping a picture of "David & Goliath".

This is why we don't run on beds.  :(  Smack!  Right onto the headboard.

They played with marbleworks for hours and hours on this day.  The younger one copying every move of the older one, needing a chair, etc.   Super cute to watch them play!

Missionary Update... 

So, this week was a really slow week as far as missionary work goes, my comp was sick at the begining of the week, and I was sick at the end of it. Here's the day by day breakdown of our shenanigans:

E. Ames started coming down with a cold. We were still able to go and teach a few people, but  it was still a pretty slow day.

Valentines day! Yea! Guess what I did... oh, that's right... stayed at home all day with my sick companion. Of all the days to get sick on it would be Valentines day.  But on the good side, had a great morning study on the power of thoughts, read a couple ensign articles, read and highlighted references to Christ in 4 or 5 chapters of the Book of Mormon, I finished 10 or so chapters of James E. Talmage's Jesus the Christ, and to top it all off, I made one of the best BLT sandwiches in the history of BLT sandwiches for my lunch. Yes,  it was quite the exciting day.

E. Ames was still sick, but we were able to get out and see a few people. One of the investigators we dropped in to see had been waiting for a taxi for the past hour, and was expecting to leave any minute. But, since the cab didn't show while we were there, we were able to teach a short lesson with him before we left. On our way out of the apartment complex, we saw what looked like a very confused Taxi cab turning around the wrong parking lot. Maybe it got to our investigator's apartment, maybe not. All we know is that because it was so late, we were able to teach a lesson that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to. Can you say tender mercy?

E. Ames was still under the weather, but doing better for sure. We saw a couple people, but nothing too crazy happened.

Both E. Ames and I felt just fine! But of course on the one day that we both felt good this week, we spent 3 hours at the car place waiting to get our oil changed. That night we were able to get out with a member and all the appointments we had fell through. Of course they did. But the good news is that on the final muffed appointment, one of our investigators called and said we could come over. We had a good appointment with her. Hopefully she'll start reading from the Book of Mormon, and gain a testimony of it. She would make a solid member.

Saturday and Sunday:
Saw a few people throughout the day. Plus we helped a less active member move some furniture from one apartment to another. It was a beautiful day to be outside. I really don't know what happened to winter out here, but it wasn't very long. We've had 3 days where snow has actually stuck to the ground, and maybe 6 days that it has actually snowed.
That night in the middle of an appointment, I started feeling horrible. We had been standing up and talking to our investigator in his kitchen because there wasn't enough room for all of us anywhere else in the house. I felt just about ready to collapse by the end of the lesson, so made sure that E. Ames drove us home. I had a fever that night and woke up a ton,So I tried to sleep most of the day sunday. I didn't feel well enough to make it out to church. I got a blessing later that day, and I was able to sleep and rest so much better afterwards.

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