Monday, February 20, 2012

Mama Rika Fun Pics

Some of our most fun pictures of little ones are the sleeping pictures.  One night Kevin checked up on the two little boys before he went to bed himself.  He was amused to see each little boy sound asleep in their own beds, but sleeping in precisely the same position!

Love Bug

The Witty One
Here's one from a different night.  Sometimes it takes too much effort to finish a book.
Missionary # 1's first time to meet his youngest brother!

Didn't take this little guy long to get reacquainted with his big bro!
Riding the shuttle back to the parking lot.  Apparently we didn't take a ton of pictures at the airport.  At least we got  video, though.  :)

Pulling in to the nearly empty parking lot, I couldn't resist parking my  giant vehicle next to the smart car.  When Kevin arrived a while later, he couldn't resist snapping a picture of "David & Goliath".

This is why we don't run on beds.  :(  Smack!  Right onto the headboard.

They played with marbleworks for hours and hours on this day.  The younger one copying every move of the older one, needing a chair, etc.   Super cute to watch them play!

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