Monday, February 27, 2012

Mama Rika Little People Update & Missionary Letter

The 18 month old and the 4 year old enjoy a game of chess.  (This cracks me up.)

We made fruit kebabs.  Love Bug is putting a grape on his skewer in this picture.  He really enjoyed making them.  He would take little nibbles and licks as he was assembling.  He was very good to simply point to and ask for someone to give him another fruit when he was ready for it.  

These two made enough to feed the whole gang!

Princess always has to make her crafts and projects in triplicate these days.


We got done with Family Home Evening last week and somehow, one-by-one, the kids ended up like this!  haha!

Missionary Update:

So... I was going to send some pictures to ya'll, but for some reason the computers here really hate Betsy (my camera), so it doesn't look like that will be happening either. Then as I was about to start writing an email home, I found that I had forgotten to bring my journal which I normally have with me so I can remember what went on in the week. Since I don't have it, I can't say this week's email will be up to par with the others.  But, here goes anyway:
I  was still pretty sick on Monday, so to be honest this was a really, REALLY boring day for both me and my companion. We weren't able to get out and work, I just wasn't feeling up to doing much of anything. So I didn't. It's really frustrating to be stuck in the apartment as a missionary, there's literally nothing to do except study. We had plenty of that.
Pretty much the same thing as Monday. Not feeling to well, so we were stuck in the apartment. Although toward the evening I was feeling a little better, and we got out of the apartment for couple hours. Thank goodness.
We had a district meeting on Wednesday, and E. Ames is the district leader. Since he was in charge of the meeting, we really didn't have much choice but to be there. I had been feeling better that morning, I  was fixed and determined to get out of the apartment and get some work done. I can't say I was back to normal, but I was feeling good enough for a district meeting. I got up and got dressed and ready for the day, hoping that everything would work out. I was feeling pretty good, considering how sick I'd felt the days before, and I was excited to get out of the apartment.
Well, what do you know, right before we leave to district meeting, I get a bloody nose. A pretty bad one too. It was pretty random, but I think it had a lot to do with how dehydrated I was. I couldn't get it to stop bleeding, and we were going to be late to district meeting if we didn't leave soon. I couldn't get it to stop, so I just stuffed some tissue up my nose, and we walked out of the apartment. I stumbled in behind my companion, looking pretty worn out, and bleary eyed, not to mention the obvious bloody nose that I had.  I'm sure I was quite the sight, and it was just my luck to find out that the Mission President and his wife, as well as two extra areas were joining our district meeting for that day. Honestly though I was just glad to be out and being a missionary, even if I looked like I'd just been mugged. But the meeting went well, and the rest of the day was considerably better, we actually were able to get out and teach for the first time in a while.
After studies, lunch, weekly planning, and getting Elder Ames a new mattress  had taken most of the morning and afternoon, we taught a couple of investigators. We actually had a really great lesson with one of them.  We were kind of rushed since we had a dinner scheduled with a member. In the previous lesson, we had given D some chapters to read in the Book of Mormon. We followed up with that, and found he had read a lot more than we assigned. We then asked if he had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true. He said he had and that he knew it was true, then he really surprised us and whipped out Alma 32:28 and read it off to us, and said it how much it really spoke to him, and helped him find his answer. It was a pretty awesome lesson. We were actually sad that we had to leave to our dinner appointment.
For the longer part of the day, we helped a sister in our ward move boxes from her mom's house to her house. It was actually really nice to get some physical work done, plus we were able to get into our "normal" clothes for a while. (Normal being used loosely here since normal has now become a white shirt and tie)  Later that night we were tracting, and a young lady answered the door. E. Ames was somewhat off his game and assumed that she was a lot younger than she actually was, so he asked if her parents were home. It was slightly embarrassing when she informed us that it was her apartment and the rest of the door approach didn't go too well, although she still said that we could come back. We had a good laugh about it afterwards.
Overall it was a pretty good day. We had a couple of cool things happen. The first of which was when we tried to stop in on an investigator around 6pm. Her boyfriend, who isn't too fond of us, was out checking the mail when we showed up. He kind of tried to tell us that she didn't want to meet with us right then, and we ended up agreeing to come back in an hour. On our way back we helped a lady move some heavier things from the back of her car to her apartment. As we did, our conversation turned into an hour long lesson. Sweet! Although we weren't able to see anyone else after it was still a good day.
I think I may have mixed up some of the stories with some of the days that they were on, but I'm sure that really doesn't matter too much to you. It happened sometime this week. Overall, the beginning of the week had a lot of opposition, but the end of it was pretty good. This next week is the last full week of the transfer, so we intend to tear it up. Transfers is Wednesday, March 7th, so my next email should be Tuesday, March 6th.
Love ya'll
Elder Connole

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