Saturday, March 10, 2012

Makiavelli's Creativity Gets Rewarded!

 I was accepted as a publisher on the website! Woohoo!

Currently there are 38 products available from me.  Our publisher name is CompleteLee Learning.  I am adding more every week.  Prices range from free to $5.99 right now.  Click on the blinking link below to go to my publisher page.
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This is a pretty fun way to expand our family business.  My eldest is starting to put his Spanish knowledge to good use and is translating several of these products.  Peanut helps me out with his computer technical skills to tell me how to do things that are simple to him yet unknown to me and he is good at researching things for me on the internet.  All my kids are a resource to me as a constant stream of ideas on products that would be fun or useful.  Princess helps out finding and formatting pictures.  Sticky pitches in once in a while, but right now between work, school, sports and household responsibilities, I find it hard to pin him down for much!

To highlight a few products...

CompleteLee Prioritizing Planner 
The CompleteLee Prioritizing Planner can help you get your life organized.  $5.99

CompleteLee Learning Poetry (Unit A) 
This Poetry unit is great for upper elementary school children.  $5.99

Storyoni is a favorite game of ours, sure to bring lots of giggles!  $3.99

Literature Unit Study [BUNDLE]
 Literature Unit Studies, starting at $1.00

CompleteLee Writer's Dice 
CompleteLee Writer's Dice games help inspire creativity and fun!  $2.99 per version.  I plan to offer a bundle package as soon as I get them all published--probably by summertime.

CurrClick Button

What is CurrClick?  Currclick is a website that offers downloadable educational materials.  Here is their mission statement, although I believe that many nonhomeschoolers also use the site in classrooms and at home for summer or other time projects.  It is a pretty cool place, check it out!

"Our mission is to make homeschooling more convenient and more affordable to homeschoolers all over the world. We are committed to promoting homeschooling as a viable alternative to traditional schools in both America and abroad. We strive to offer excellent customer service, a stress-free shopping experience, and to providing a marketplace that rewards authors and publishers who create good quality education materials."

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