Monday, August 13, 2012

Mama Rika Updates...Hopefully Pictures Next Week!

Family Update

August 12, 2012
This week I have spent way too much time trying to cram in everything I want to get done before school starts back up.  Thus, I have neglected my writings and now am forced to attempt to recreate the week. 

Now, after being sidetracked about 5 times, perhaps I can begin.  Or not.  

Dad took a rather quick trip to AZ for work from Monday to Tuesday so that he could learn how to fill out all the reports and other things that need to be finished with his interim job within the next couple of weeks.   After being gone, he basically lived at work for the rest of the week.

Sticky was gone a bunch this week at work too, having gotten more hours than usual.  He and Peanut also went to the usual stuff…Improv Club, Young Men’s, etc.  They also took in a Stake dance that Dad got to go help chaperone.  They actually came home early.  Sticky apparently was falling asleep at the dance.  However, he rejuvenated quite quickly upon arriving home and discovering that he hadn’t missed the much anticipated men’s and women’s relay races of the Olympics. 

Princess was completely happy to have some play dates and Activity Days to attend this week.  She also participated in some rousing games of balloon volleyball with her brothers.  She is starting to become our resident jell-o maker for Sunday dinner. 

My little Love Bug is growing up way too quickly.  He plays all little boy games, not baby games.  He is in the beginning stages of potty training.  His vocabulary seems to double every week.  He is right now counting 1-2-3 Wheee!  as he tosses a toy cookie cutter in the air and attempts to catch it in the toy frying pan.  

This morning, I went downstairs to grab some breakfast shortly after Dad got home from an early morning meeting.    Being still tired, he laid down on my side of the bed for a nap.  When Winwin came in the bedroom to find me, he was puzzled to find his Dad there and even more puzzled by his attire.  He questioned, “Why are you sleeping in your church clothes?”   From his perspective, that really is an odd thing to do. 

Love Bug  hates to let me out of his sight.  If I go to retrieve something from the fridge in the garage, he must follow me.  If I run upstairs to grab a basket of laundry, my shadow is close behind.  Sometimes I sneak off quietly to have some uninterrupted time in the bathroom.  I am rarely there for more than 30 seconds before he discovers me.  He sticks his little fingers under the door, insisting on feeling my toes.  Or, he pushes objects under the door for me to enjoy, saying, “Want it?”  The only acceptable response is “yes, thank you.”  Sometimes he gives me books.  Yesterday it was a very large screw.  Another time he gave me a plastic gorilla.  After I tell him thanks, he just cutely says, “Welcome, Mom!”

We were presently surprised that Carol was able to come visit us so soon after her world travels.  We didn’t think she’d make it until September.  She arrived on Saturday night.  It is fun to have her come to church with us.  She has become enough of a regular that other people know her now. 

Anyway, I am really boring and I can’t think of anything else to report for this week.  This week coming up I will hopefully be more on the ball with writing and doing fun things.  I did manage to go to the frozen yogurt place with some friends.  This week we plan to go to the beach tomorrow and who knows what else.  J

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