Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mama Rika's Missionary House Cleaning Purge + Family Pics

Those of us still living at home.
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Quick letter here today, This morning the library computers were down, and it's now 8:30pm and we're just now able to have access to a computer. And yes, we had to get special permission to email this late. But anyway here's the week.

I love this wholeheartedly happy face!


Not only was this Labor day, but all around the mission it was known as "The Purge". It was the day set aside by our mission president (and rightfully so) to "purge" out all the old junk in our living quarters. ( I say "living quarters" because although we live in the trailer, most of the missionaries have houses or apartments) So a good 3 or 4 hours of the day was set apart to throw away junk that's been sitting there since the 1970's. And boy did we have plenty. By the time we were done, we had boxes of junk and things I didn't even know missionaries would use. aka crayons, lacrosse sticks, coloring books, play-do, basketball cards, and all sorts of other fun things.  

When we finished purging, we had dinner and a lesson with and investigator. Always a good situation there, nothing quite like supplementing a spiritual feast with a physical one. 

We also called an investigator and his mom answered the phone. She told us that her son had recently been "saved" and she didn't want us to stop by and get him confused. We think she might be the reason behind why his Book of Mormon mysteriously went missing last time we stopped by. 

We also stopped by a less active member, his son let me play his guitar for a bit before we had the lesson. I have no calluses on my fingers anymore, getting back into guitar when I get home is going to be a pain (literally). 


Stopped by a lot of less active members at various times throughout the day. Probably the coolest one was when we stopped by a particular less active member who for weeks we've been trying to get to read Alma 36. Every week she would recommit to read it, and the next time we would come, she hadn't read. But, when we stopped by this time, within about 5 minutes of chatting, she finally just broke out and said, "well, are you going to ask me if I read?". She'd read not just Alma 32, but she read Alma 30-36. Sweet! It was really cool how she showed that she wanted to be accountable for her good works she did. 


We had a zone meeting and we exchanged with Welch right afterwards. I found out that the seminary in Welch has only 4 or 5 kids (on a good day). Richlands is about 5 or 6. Also, since everything is so spread out here, seminary meets only once a week before mutual. I'm so happy I had release time seminary on an almost daily basis. What a blessing it is to have a large seminary program. 


While still in Welch, we street contacted, looked for a weekly service activity, taught an investigator, taught a less active member, set up a church tour, and all of this was done without the Cell phone which accidentally went through the wash that morning. I never realized how much we really rely on our little gadgets.

On the way back to Welch, E. Guthrie got lost (easy to do) and they back tracked around and asked the locals how to get to Welch. I guess they went up some pretty hairy roads. They arrived two hours later than we expected. E. Guthrie and I took an alternate route home. 


At the food pantry that morning, a guy working there saw my brace under my white shirt and thought it was a dark tattoo going across my chest. I laughed, and informed him otherwise.

We drove up to Honaker afterwards, and on the way, we stopped on Punkin Creek rd. (no I didn't misspell that road name). We followed up with a potential we tracted into last week. When she answered the door, she informed us that she "didn't believe the same as us" (why do you think we came to the door?). When we prodded for more information about what specifically was different, she again informed us that she didn't believe the same as us, but didn't really know why and she wasn't interested in hearing what we had to say.  Silly people.

We then had a couple of lessons with investigators. Found a couple of new investigators right next door to some members. Sweet! It's always good to have a built in support system.


Got some of our belated weekly planning session in between some of our lessons. We taught M, who should be baptized on the 29th, and taught a couple other investigators as well. We finished off the day by having dinner with a member. Delicious! They just moved here from Arizona, and he knows how to make Mexican food! 


Had two investigators at church. We were expecting 6 but I guess everything worked against them. One woke up late, another had their dad get sick, two other's got sick themselves (one of whom is currently going through chemotherapy). But overall it was a good day. We'll have to have them come next week. Getting out to church, probably one of the simpler things of the gospel, also seems to be one of the hardest. I think that in and of itself is a testimony that this church is true. Satan works so hard to keep people from going in the right direction, and the more we try to do good, the more resistance we will get. This is especially true of church attendance. The mere fact that such a simple thing breeds so much opposition from the adversary truly attests to its goodness.

Love ya!

Elder Brayden Connole

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