Monday, September 24, 2012

Mama Rika Funny Pics and Missionary Update

"Mom, Ya gotta take a picture of this!"

He asks, "Me bacuum my woom?" several times a day.  He loves vacuuming!

This is the results of the 4 y/o trying to get the 2 y/o his shirt on!

Missionary Update

So this week the leaves and weather are really starting to indicate signs of fall. This morning (9/24) it was in the mid 30's. Sounds like it's time to start bundling up again. E. Guthrie and I had a really good week this week, a lot of fun/funny things happened, and we really just enjoyed being missionaries.


As a tribute to my wonderful, good-deal-finding mother, I picked up 3 new ties for under $4 at Goodwill. It was quite the steal, and the ties were pretty "snazzy". Go Goodwill!

Saw a couple of investigators that night. With one of them, we had planned to stop by a potential investigator. When we pulled up, her neighbor ( a less active member) was outside. We started talking to him, and he invited us inside and we taught his non-member fiance. Sweet!


Had a district meetin on goal setting. Things went really well. I've decided goals are awesome and everyone needs to have goals. So anyone who is reading this needs to go home and set a goal for something (espeically if it's missionary minded). When we have goals, we are able to have a drive to everything we do. I have learned to love setting and accomplishing goals.

Probably the highlight of our day was seeing R. We were able to bring a member with us, who told Rod his conversion story. Definitely one of the better lessons we've had with him.


Walk and Talk day! Since it was walk-and-talk wednesday, we drove to an area of town, then walked around town to all of our appointments. We were able to teach a couple of investigators, and dig some post holes for service. We then walked to a member's home where we were having dinner. On the way there, there was this young kid named L outside cleaning his porch. We stopped and said hello, got to know him, and gave him a Book of Mormon. We then went on our merry way to the member's home, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a lesson there. On our way back, we walked by the same house, and a car pulled into the driveway. We found out it was L's sister, and we gave her a Book of Mormon and set up an appointment to go see them. I find it interesting that although we've walked by that house and never seen anyone outside, we walked by it twice today, and both times gave away a Book of Mormon.


We were asked by a member to help put some sealer on her roof before the winter comes in. When we showed up, she was beating the end of her paint roller to be able to squish it into a smaller hole at the end of a 12 foot pole. She called it "Appalachian Ingenuity".

After a few problems with mixing the sealer, we finally were able to start working on the roof. We only had one monstrosity of a roller, so I came down to ask the member if she had any sort of brush so we could complete the task twice as fast. She thought about it for a minute, then came and suprised me with and old broom. Not exactly the kind of brush I was expecting, but we made the best out of it.

That wasn't the end of our roofing escapades for the day. We ended up helping a different member put tin on her roof that afternoon. I guess I didn't know I'd learn so much on the mission. By the end of the day E. Guthrie and I were all "roofed" out.


We had a ton of appointments fall through (at least 5 or 6) So we resorted to seeing a potential investigator. To our disapointment, she was unable to talk with us then. However, she referred us to her neighbor. So, with nothing else to do except tract, we tried her neighbor.

We got to know her a little bit, then we were able to sit down and start teaching her. The lesson went really great until we got to "God is our Loving Heavenly Father" (for those of you who don't know that's principle #1 on the 1st lesson.) When we asked what she thought of God, she promplty informed us of how much she knew that God was a spirit, and was also Jesus and the Holy Ghost.  We started to explain How God is our loving Heavenly father, trying to tactfully get her to a greater understanding of the Godhead. Unfortunately it didn't work very well. Finally the member we were with just asked "well who was jesus praying to when he was dying on the cross?" She then explained that he was praying to the spirit within himself which was also God and the Holy Ghost who was also Jesus. They were three people who were the same person, and anytime one spoke to another was simply that they/he was talking to himself/theirselves. God is our father and Jesus is his Son, but they are also the same person, and God's spirit is the Holy Ghost.  I was confused, E. Guthrie was confused, and our member was confused. It's no wonder that she then kicked us out because we were "confusing her"


Taught a few less active members, and had a great lesson with a new investigator and her daughter.


Me and Sis. L with the accompaniment of Sis. C sang "Jesus Lover of My Soul" as a special musical number in church. It is a very pretty hymn. I enjoyed it.

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