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Mama Rika Kid Pictures and Missionary Pictures and Update

Oops!  I put these in reverse order from what the title says.  Oops, I haven't posted again for a couple of weeks.  If I ever get around to being more consistent and also if I ever get around to writing about things with a different title than I seem to do every time I post, someone should really give me a pat on the back.  Haha

10,000 miles on the mission car.
Missionary Christmas decorations.

With their landlord.  :)

Small dent in bumper.

Having fun with silly presents from family.

From 1/7


Monday was a pretty crazy day. I wasn't feeling too great the night before, so I called it an early night. Since I was sleeping, I didn't hear my companion up at midnight taking phone calls from different areas and from Pres. Pitt.

Well, when I woke up in the morning, I drug myself to the living room. When I walked in, I could distinctly see that we had 6 total people in the room (including myself). This made me confused since only 4 missionaries live in the the Clarksburg Mansion. Upon further questioning and inspection I found that a couple of missionaries weren't getting along last night, and President Pitt told them to come down to our house for the night. It was an interesting surprise. They ended up leaving around 9am to get back to their respective areas. We're still working to settle those problems. Oh the joys of leadership....

The rest of the day ran pretty smoothly.


Another crazy day. (aren't they all?) During the night I didn't sleep too well. For some reason I kept getting random nosebleeds all throughout the day and night. I had a couple that woke me up around 4am and 5am. Then we had to get up early to get to Zone Leader Council (ZLC) down in Charleston. I took a "Nap-asaurus" on the way there. (For some reason, the Clarksburg household refers to any short sleeping period as "Nap-asaurus" or "Nap-athons" or "Nap-aroni and Cheese", don't ask why)

ZLC was great, I really enjoyed it. Apparently this ZLC was unique in that Pres. Pitt had two sisters sit in on the council. Since there will be a lot more sisters in the mission due to the new missionary age change, Sisters will from now on be on the council. On the council we talk about everything from training district leaders to changing mission rules and goals. It's cool to be able to have an input on it.

After we finished council and drove home, we were able to have dinner with some recent converts.


Slower day, we had a lesson with the S family. The daughter is on date for baptism, but is having hold ups due to pressure from her father, (The ex-husband) who has joint custody of the kids. She's getting some flack from them, but so far is holding strong. We're praying that the dad will be willing enough to let her, and her two sisters be baptized and that he'll be supportive of it.


A lot of paperwork with area reports and planning. we didn't get out till about 3 in the afternoon. Bleh.  We had a good correlation meeting that night with our ward mission leader.


We went on exchanges with the Mannington elders. Unfortunately we found our their top investigator just went to jail. That's always frustrating. We were hoping to have him baptized this month, but now it may be pushed back for who knows how long.


While I was in Mannington, Pres. Pitt came to Clarksburg. Remember the extra missionaries that came to the C-burg mansion on Monday? Pres. Pitt came up and did some personal interviews with the involved parties. This lengthened my stay in Mannington, so we ended up tracting a few extra doors that morning. It was a good morning in Mannington.

When we exchanged back, we met up with a few other missionaries in Fairmont. (My last area) and ate some lunch together.

When we got back we helped move a new family into the ward, then we  did some service to some other members


We had an investigator at church, which was great! We always like that. The rest of the day was spent teaching investigators and giving blessings to members. We seem to be called on to do that quite a bit.

From 1/14


So Monday after Pday, we exchanged with the assistants. The Assistants serve in South Charleston. It just so happens that my first area was South Charleston, and about a year ago, me and my trainer were doubled out for the Assistants. Well, just my luck I get to go back! What a fun exchange. We were able to go back and visit a few of the investigators I had previously taught, and hopefully the assistants will be able to continue teaching them. I had a couple of happy reunions there with some old friends.


Basically the same as Monday, but with more driving involved. It takes about 2 and half hours to get to Charleston from Clarksburg


More exchanges, this time with the other elders of Clarksburg. They live in the same house as them, so it made packing a breeze. It was my first time really taking over the area. We had a few hairy turns, but only got lost once, so I felt pretty proud of myself. It's so hard to get used to the roads and directions out here.


Did our usual Thursday stuff, Area reports, planning, paperwork, etc. Then we did some potential work in Bridgeport.

Random side note: Since we live about 5 miles outside our area, and we have to take a couple of trips down to Charleston every month, and we have a large area to cover, we have the privilege of having the most allotted monthly mileage in the whole mission. (next to the assistants who have unlimited miles) So we end up doing a lot of driving to get anywhere we need to go.

Later that evening we taught J and M. We've decided to start the lessons over with them, since J is a new member, and M has already been through them. However, this time we're taking it at a much slower pace, and breaking down each principle. We're going a lot deeper into the doctrine. It'll be really fun studying for the lessons we'll prepare.


We taught a new investigator. One day a few weeks ago we were sitting in the car with nothing to do, all our appointments had fallen through. So, we started calling former investigators. A's number wasn't on the teaching record, but her aunt's name was, we called the aunt and she gave us A's number. Since then, for the past few weeks we've been trying to set up an appointment with her, and finally, just this last time, we were able to.

She was really excited to meet with us. At the beginning of the lesson, it was just her, but slowly a couple other of her family members trickled in on the lesson. It was cool to see how E. Cluster and I were able to perk their interest, and the spirit kept them there.

The lesson went really well, and we invited A to be baptized, and she readily accepted! It was really cool. She's been waiting for this for a while, her dad had been keeping her from getting baptized before. Now that she's 19 he can't keep her from joining any more.

Good things are happening!

We had another appointment later that night, and E. Cluster had left one of our investigators a reading assignment. (we had texted it to her earlier that week) Well, somewhere along the way there was a mix up, and instead of reading 1st John 4:18

 18 There is no afear in blove; but perfect clove casteth out fear: because fear hath dtorment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

 they read, St. John 4:18 

18 For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.

Needless to say, they were quite confused... We got a good laugh out of that one.

Phew... this was quite the day. On the way back from this appointment, we knew we were going to be cutting it really close to curfew, but we'd probably have a few minutes to spare. Well, what do you know, we get stopped by a train. Now, normally trains will just pass by, and then the bars go up and the cars go on their merry way. Not the case here. This train we realized, slowly braked to a complete stop, right in front of us.

We waited there for 5 min or so and finally it started moving, but this time it was backwards.... What the? After a little bit of backwards, it started forwards again, and slowed to another stop. Then Finally the conductor made up his mind and switched to reverse and sped on out of there. The poor conductor was the brunt of our jokes for the rest of the evening.

"hey Bob! did we make a wrong turn back there?"

"no man, why'd you stop?"
"Aw darn, i got the brake stuck and I can't get it off..."

Let me try!

no,no no, that's the reverse pedal, try the forward one

okay... wait, didn't you say we made a wrong turn?

Oh yea.... well flip it into reverse again. They don't pay me enough for this job.

And so on...


It was a unique day in the fact that it was between 50 and 60 degrees all day long. In the middle of January! What the?

Taught a few people during the day. We were able to get one of our really awesome recent converts to come to a lesson with us. It's really cool to see their testimonies grow more and more as you bring them more and more into contact with the spirit.

Later we visited a sick member. Not only do missionaries give blessings, we also cook eggs for less active members! We're a very diversely talented group of people


Church was awesome as usual,

The majority of the day was spent in preparation for our upcoming zone meetings this Wednesday and Thursday. We had to give out assignments, and plan what we were going to teach on. It took a good bit of time.

Some pictures of the kids for your enjoyment...

Cool little dude at the dentist.

The bubble, made from the straw and goo stuff, used to be quite a bit bigger.  He is holding a patched up hole.

Sleepy bug.

Finally gets his first haircut.

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