Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary and Kid Update with Pictures

The eyes checked out perfectly well and the eye doctor was even able to answer most of  this guy's questions.

Sharing a chair.


Little Striped Buddies.

These pictures are what he deemed "awkward family photos".


Good pday. E. Cluster, Me and the two Clarksburg 2 elders were able to have a fun little Dominoes pizza day/ bro-night. We played some sardines in the enormous house we have. It was a great way to enjoy the evening.
Earlier in the day, the lord blessed us to be able to find and teach a new investigator named D. We have been teaching her slightly apathetic boyfriend for a bit now, and this last time we came, she was there and sat in on the whole lesson.
We had ZLC down in Charleston, so the day consisted of a lot of driving. We then had to prepare for our zone meetings for Thursday and Friday. We usually teach the things we learned in ZLC in our zone meetings, so we had only a day to prepare. It was pretty rushed but I think it turned out ok
Well, here's the thing... since we had two ZLC's this month, and had to drive down to Charleston twice as many times as normal, we were about 100 miles over our monthly allotment. So we stayed inside and planned for our zone meetings some more, then the Clarksburg 2 Elders were nice enough to take us to dinner and help us out in our area.

This was a really weird day... In the morning E. Butler woke us up at about 2am to point out the enormous windstorm hitting Clarksburg. It was pretty crazy and cold. E. Butler was afraid some of the telephone poles were going to blow over. We went back to bed after a bit.
Well, when we woke up at 6:30 it was remarkably cold in the house, and when we tried to turn on the lights, nothing happened. Power outage.... We texted the zone to make sure everyone else was ok, (they were) and we postponed our meeting till Monday.
Our power didn't turn on till about 12:30 so we got a really cold, really late start to our day. We basically just played some games, watched the blizzard, and put on more layers of clothing.
 That evening after everything was settled, we went up to Grafton to have dinner with the S's.
The weather cleared up pretty well for our Friday Zone Meeting, so we drove up to Morgantown without much of a problem. Some of the areas in the zone weren't so lucky. A senior couple was sick, another area got a flat tire, and the sister's phone broke. Not only that, but there was a bunch of traffic, and after we got to Morgantown, we realized that we had forgotten some important papers and had to improvise a few things in Zone Meeting.
In all actuality, it turned out to be a pretty good day overall. The Zone Meeting turned out really good, and we had dinner with a member at a Japanese Steak House. (it was really expensive, the member is one of the best OBGYN's around) I can't complain there.


On Saturday I found out I would be leaving the Clarksburg Zone and will be transferred to the Roanoke Virginia Zone. This caught both E. Cluster and I pretty off guard. If anyone was going to be transferred, we thought for sure it'd be him. I just barely got here! But such is the life of a missionary.

Later that day we were blessed to find two new investigators. We had been searching for some investigators in Lost Creek, and we stopped by J's place. Well, we found out J had been sent to Jail, but the family asked us to say a prayer for him, which turned into a lesson and a return appointment. We are very happy to teach them, they are a very sweet family.


It was fast and testimony meeting, and the spirit bore a powerful witness of a spiritual truth. That is, Even if God did not inspire it, he knew it was coming, and has already done the necessary preparations for you to be ready for it. We cannot always control what comes our direction, but we can know for a fact that our Heavenly Father saw it coming long before we did, and has already prepped us for it.


Remember that Zone Meeting that was cancelled on Thursday? Well, we rescheduled it for Monday,and guess what? The snow was really bad on Monday too! We had to bump the meeting back about an hour so that everyone could get there. It was a really great meeting, but it took a few headaches to get it there.


Well, I packed a little, said a few goodbyes, and we had dinner with a member at Texas Roadhouse (we got hooked up with our dinner appointments this week)

Crazy week!

Love ya!

Elder Brayden Connole

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