Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mama Rika's Tightwad Tip

People always ask me how I manage to feed/clothe/etc. the large family I have. So, I shall attempt to share a few tips here and there. Many of the things I do to save money have to do with planning ahead for things that might possibly occur.

Here's today's tip.

1. Get a good size container--plastic, cardboard or whatever you can find.
2. Fill it with water bottles that you bought on sale. {Bring your calculator or estimation skills to the grocery store when water is on sale by the case load. I usually don't spend more than 10 cents per bottle.}
3. Place it in your vehicle.
4. When you are out and about, if you forgot to bring water with you or you ran out, you can use your "emergency" water. This beats having to stop and buy a drink where you will inevitably pay more.
5. Next time you buy water bottles, make sure to replace any missing bottles from your "emergency" stash before bringing the case into the house. (No, I don't usually remember this, but it is a good idea.)
6. Train your family to grab water bottles before heading out the door. Then you don't use up all your emergency ones so quickly. Also, if you grab and go, you can have them at just the right temperature. Those frozen ones are sure nice in the summer!

Ta ta for now!


Stacy said...

We rarely leave the house w/o a water bottle. I am hypoglycemic, which means I am thirsty all the time. I feel like I'm dying if I don't take water with me.

Mary@ Raising 4 Godly Men said...

This is such a important thing to do. We don't leave without water for sure on the days that we go to hs swimming lessons. They get sooooooo thirsty !

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