Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ms. Cellaneous Presents the "Enhance Your Life in 5 Minutes" Series!

Welcome to the “Enhance Your Life in 5 Minutes” series! Through this series, I will give you an idea a day for 20 days in January of things you can do that will enrich your life but take very little time.

What made you think of doing this? I want to do some new things, some old things that need resurrecting and make some positive changes in myself this year. I want take time for little things that can be important, yet are often overlooked. I want to do something different than the regular routine.

Why are you putting this on your blog? I thought I would ask you to join me, because that will help hold me accountable for doing this for myself.

What about accountability for CompleteLee Blog readers? Aha! Good question! My idea for you is this:

**Read the idea for the day.
**Mull it over.
**Decide to do it.
**Do it. (Today, next week, whenever you plan it in)
**Report back here and leave a comment (or email me at letting me know “I did it!” {You can tell me exactly what you did, or how much fun you had doing it if you want, or simply let me know “mission accomplished”.}

If you follow those steps, I will willingly lavish praise upon you as well as enter you in to a drawing to win one of these items: {If you win, you choose the item you want.}

~~My “He’s the One” CD (digital version or actual CD)
~~My “Childbirth: Preparing for the Miracle” book (digital version only)
~~One dozen homemade rolls or cookies (Continental U.S. only)
~~Three pieces of my “non-free” sheet music (digital copies)

Can’t you offer better prizes? Sheesh! What do you expect? A grand piano? :) Seriously, this is what I have to offer for this go around. Who knows, it may be only you and I that participate in this series. I am fine with that. I am hoping that the actual prize will be a sense of accomplishment, but I thought it would be fun to throw in a little prize for the thrill of it since it is always cool to win something. {If you have a prize you would like to donate to the cause, let me know!}

Can my name be entered more than once into the drawing? Absolutely! Every time you leave a comment letting me know you accomplished a new task/goal, you are entered in to the drawing again.

How many times can I be entered in to the drawing? There are 20 days worth of ideas for you to do, therefore there are 20 times you can comment (or email) to receive an entry into the drawing. If you really, really, really, really want to win a prize, you can also refer your friends and family members to this contest. If you can get them to leave a comment on my blog stating your name (or blog name) as the person who referred them, you will be entered in again!

What if I can’t get to the task on the day you post it?
No worries! You can do it any day in January that you would like. If you get a late start, just fit in what you can!

Why 5 minutes? This is an easy question. I am busy! I don’t have time for more stuff, but 5 minutes out of my day seems do-able.

Why 20 days? I am trying to make life better, not stress-filled! Sure, it would be great if we could do something every single day for this month. However, I don’t want to feel pressured to do that. I want a little freedom. If I am too tired, too busy, too lazy…I can skip a day. I am giving myself permission to not do it all. In fact, I am going for 2/3 of the month. Doesn’t that seem easily done? It feels realistic to me. If I try to go for 100% of the days and miss some, then I will tend to focus on the fact that I missed some rather than focus on the 20%, 79% or 42% I did do. I want to focus on change. I want to focus on small increments. Anything I do will be an organized effort to do better than last January. If you feel like you want to do something each day—Great! If you feel like you want to go for 10 days—Great! Set yourself a do-able goal.

Are you ready? Stay tuned for your first task!

Any questions? Please ask away!


Anonymous said...

Tasks 1 & 2 done!
from Jennifer V.

CompleteLee Blogger said...

That's awesome! Way to go, Jennifer V!

Anonymous said...

Task 3 done!
from Jennifer V.

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Wow! You are so quick on the draw! Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Okey-doke. Task 4 was a hard one for me to do, but I did it!
from Jennifer V.

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Great job! Sometimes the hard ones are the most important.

If you want, you can comment that you are done on the same post as the task. I don't mind if you keep posting your comments on this post, though.