Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fruity "Bugs" with Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise

Sticky was teaching Princess about the difference between spiders and insects. Then, they made some bugs together. Princess used apples with raisins for spots and marshmellow antennae, glued together with peanutbutter. One bug is 3, the other 6. Sticky went with a kiwi fruit base and marshmellow legs. A couple of carrot shreds became antennae.
Peanut couldn't resist joining in on the fun by using a theme similar to the one Sticky did.

The book actually suggested using all sorts of different candies to make the insects, but we scrounged around the kitchen and came up with a more healthy alternative. The creating was fun, the lesson was learned, the eating was nutritious and delicious {Okay, okay...minus the marshmallows}.
And, this also went along well with my mission accomplished goal for the month. :) Hmmm. I wonder if I can make a "fruity gram" instead of a "candy gram". It could work--Orange you glad you are the apple of my eye? You're grape! You are berry special to me. We cantaloupe...we're already married!...LOL

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Laurie said...

You should totally do a fruity gram!!! You already have the words! So cute!