Saturday, February 28, 2009

Makiavelli's Mission Accomplished Carnival: Finding the Miracles

Click here to learn more about the Mission Accomplished Carnival--the rules, the how-tos... Please feel free to join this carnival at any time. You don't have to join today. Just come back and share at a later date on this post when you have something. Or, you can wait and just do come post on the next Mission Accomplished Carnival on the last day of the next month.

My Fave: Visit here and you will read about a simple, yet excellent homemaking resolution. Rather than try to do everything, Mrs. Mordecai chooses to focus on one task. You also get to see a cute picture of her two-year-old pantry climber. :)

My Focus: Checking up on myself from last months goal...I didn't to too shabbily. I didn't go as many times to the farmer's market as I had intended, but I got enough to keep me in produce the whole month with the trips I made and some good deals at local grocery stores. I felt like I made a difference. We ate better this month.

For this month, I am finding miracles. Instead of seeing problems, pain, and challenges, I am working on seeing blessings, amazing moments, and stocking up soft & sweet memories. (Soft & Sweet Memories song here.) As a visual, I am picturing myself in God's gentle hands, protected. I may be "bumping and banging around" like crazy, but it is a cushioned ride. Each day when I get up in the morning I will read a little note which simply says, "Find Miracles". At night, I will review my day as I am relaxing and readying myself for sleep. I will drift off thinking of the treasures I found that day. That's my plan. What is yours?

My Friends: Okay, yeah. What goals, plans do you have? Do you have a wonderful goal-setting quote? Did someone else inspire you? What have you got? Feel free to join us by just leaving a comment if you rather than using Mr. Linky and a link to a post.

Watcha Working on Wednesday here.

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