Saturday, January 10, 2009

Enhance Your Life in 5 Minutes--Task 8 from Ms. Cellaneous

If you haven’t read what the “Enhance Your Life in 5 Minutes” series is all about, please click here. Feel free to join in at any time--no penalty for late starts!

Remember those 4 goals you wrote at the beginning of the month? Today’s task is to take out the paper you wrote the goals on and see how you are doing. If you are falling short on one or two of them, now is a good time to get things rolling.

Don't forget to report back and try to go for the prize! :)


Anonymous said...

Okey-doke. I did Tasks 5, 7 and 8. I skipped 6, the one about the classic book, only because I get enough reading in every day with my job that I do not read much outside of that.
I am very proud of myself for doing all the tasks thus far, sans 6. Thank you for these. They are very easy and really mean a lot in the scheme of my daily responsibilities to get them done!
from Jennifer V.

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Thank you! I am so glad these have been good for you. You are inspiring me! You have been doing a great job getting them done.

It has been good for me too. I did #8 just now. I found I was actually doing pretty well with 3 out of the 4, but had completely forgotten what I had written down for the other one! The reminder helped me to pick that one back up again.