Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enhance Your Life in 5 Minutes--Task 20 from Ms. Cellaneous

If you haven’t read what the “Enhance Your Life in 5 Minutes” series is all about, please click here. Feel free to join in at any time--no penalty for late starts! You have until February 7, 2009 to complete any of the tasks and leave a comment in order to be eligible for the prize.

Here is the final task. This task is two-fold. If you do both parts and tell me so, you will be entered twice to try to win the prize. Part 1--repeat one of the 19 previous goals. Part 2--Invite someone to join us for February's "Share Your Love in 5 Minutes" series where we will focus on small ways to spread that loving feeling. I'll present all the tasks up front on February 1st and they must be finished by the end of the month.

~~Here is a list of all the "Enhance Your Life" tasks in a very short synopsis format. Click on the link to read the full task post.~~

Task 1 Write 4 goals.
Task 2 Sort it, organize it.
Task 3 Thank you note.
Task 4 Positive things about self.
Task 5 Trial to triumph.
Task 6 The classic book.
Task 7 Pause, ponder, pray.
Task 8 Goal check-up
Task 9 Give a gift
Task 10 Help someone
Task 11 Self improvement - now!
Task 12 Set a date.
Task 13 Sing a song.
Task 14 Enjoy the sun.
Task 15 The simple forgotten chore.
Task 16 Talk to a stranger.
Task 17 Memorize something.
Task 18 Positive notebook.
Task 19 Share some love.
Task 20 Repeat & invite.

Thanks for joining me. I know some of you participated and didn't leave comments, but rather told me about your efforts or emailed me. Kudos to you all. Now, I better get busy. I still have a few left I need to finish up!

Time to STOP playing with all the colors and GO to BED!!!!! {Please pardon me...I get really silly when it starts getting late and I am lacking in sleep.} g'night.


Laurie said...

I did task 3 again! :)

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Great work! I think that one is kind of a rarity these days, but so meaningful to receive.